Day: June 28, 2018

  • Tamper Proof Lights

    What are Tamper Proof Lights for Businesses?

    Depending on the location, commercial buildings, warehouses and storage centers are sometimes prone tampering and vandalism. Outdoor lighting and security cameras can help decrease such occurrences; however, in some cases, the units become the target themselves. To prevent unnecessary destruction, building owners may opt to install tamper proof lights around the area.

    Vandal Proof Lighting

    Robust lighting designs are applied to tamper proof lamps, such as wall packs and LED spotlights. A focal point in the fixture is the lens, which is a common and preferred entry point due to its breakable nature. Traditionally, fixtures are equipped with glass lenses. Replacing the components with non-breakable material, such as polycarbonate, can deter criminals from attempting to shatter the lens.

    Additionally, sturdy enclosures help improve durability from rough contact, as well as bad weather. Connected lighting fixtures could also come with a lockable enclosure to protect wireless equipment. Ideally, wiring should not be exposed and fed through the back of the lamp to prevent deactivation of the unit.

    Types of Tamper Proof LED Lights

    As mentioned earlier, LED wall pack lights, wall scones, LED spotlights, LED downlights and other types of outdoor lamps can benefit from tamper proof builds. During installation, the units can be setup at hard-to-reach sections of the building to prevent access. When going with this configuration, it is recommended to use LED spotlights for targeting specific areas from far distances. Wide-area illumination is achievable using LED floodlights.

    Compared to traditional lighting technologies, LEDs are more capable of withstand destructive forces and hard impacts. The lighting system’s solid-state build ensures vibration and shaking have minimal effects on the performance of the luminary. Lastly, LEDs do not contain loose filaments present in incandescent and fluorescent bulbs or lamps, which can become a major point of failure in situations involving vandalism.…