Integrated LED Lights vs LED-ready Fixtures for Businesses

LEDs entered the commercial lighting sector at a period when other lighting technologies, such as incandescent and fluorescent lamps, required more powerful and energy-efficient solutions. Businesses have several options to consider when buying or upgrading outdated lights with LED fixtures. One of these choices include selecting an LED ready or integrated LED lights to install at the commercial space.

LED Ready Lights 101

The term ‘LED Ready’ simply refers to a lighting fixture that can accept LED bulbs. In most cases, these units are purchased without LED bulbs, requiring businesses to utilize their own sets during installation.

Depending on the lighting needs of the space, ‘LED Ready’ may also refer to a direct retrofit, from traditional bulbs to LED variants. A direct (plug and play) retrofit basically enables people to install LED bulbs in fixtures that are compatible with or is capable of operating LED components.

Upfront costs for LED-ready lights are considered to be less, allowing businesses to spend less time on configurations and installations. Performance optimization for the units hinges on the knowledge and experience of the operator of specialist managing the lighting systems.

LED Integrated Fixtures for Businesses

LED integrated lights are a comprehensive lighting solution to LED adoption. The units come with both the fixture and the bulb. As a result, compatibility is streamlined and addressed directly. This could also contribute to a longer lifespan and consistent performance. Time during installation is greatly minimized as well.

From a long-term perspective, LED integrated fixtures could be easier to upgrade with connected networks, as all of the parts are more harmonious. For instance, locations that prioritizes dimming functionality need highly compatible working parts.

An integrated LED dimmable fixture would be suitable for such needs because the LED drivers, bulbs, housing and other components were selected for dimming features. Integrated LED units can come in the form of tube-style lamps, LED strips and more.

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